Nigerian Law student sent out of exam hall to cut his hair dies in accident

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A Nigerian student has reportedly passed away in a tragic accident on his way to get a haircut after he was sent out of his exam hall. The young man, who was a law student at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, had been sent out of the exam hall to get a proper haircut before he can sit for the exam that took place on Monday, April 1.

It was gathered that the deceased, Ezeh Goodluck, was a fourth year student at the school. A photo of his WhatApps status before the incident, showed that Goodluck was excited to write the exam. On the status, he stated his hopes that the exam would be in his favour. It was reported that Goodluck had died in the accident while he was hurrying to get the haircut and his identity card to get back to his hall. The tyre of the motorcycle that Ezeh boarded had blown in motion. It was said that the motorcycle rider had died on the spot while Ezeh was rushed to Chukwuemka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital.

Reports state that a nurse had only given the young man a drip and left him for four hours, before he was later seen by a doctor around 6:00pm. It was reported that the doctor revealed that the hospital lacked the facilities to treat him. The doctor requested that he should be transferred to another hospital to receive proper care, but he died before reaching the destination. Meanwhile, another Nigerian law student passed away recently. The student reportedly died after battling illness. Some reports claimed she was wrongfully treated of malaria while admitted for two weeks in a local hospital.


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