Corruption: We will fight, fight and win- Uhuru Kenyatta (Video)

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Kenya President, Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to continue the war against corruption despite opposition from several quarters.

In a trending video on twitter which was hailed by many Kenyans, the president said he would continue to fight against corruption-

“we are fighting to win, we intend to win this war” he said.

The President said opposition claims of the fight being “political motivated” won’t deter him from fighting corruption to the end.

He vowed that “Kenya MUST win” this war.

He said the eradication of corruption in the country would guarantee fair and stable economy. He also said business transparency and ease of doing business ‘is’ the central focus of his administration.

Business success is not supposed to be dependent on the government in power. The only thing needed for business to succeed is enabling environment and transparency and that is what all of us will focus on.

Watch the excerpt of the video below

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